Solar Power Conditioning Unit (PCU)

The PCU is the heart of the Solar PV system. The function of the PCU is to convert the direct current (DC) generated by the PV arrays to Alternating Current (AC).

The PCUs manufactured by the Novus Green come with Intelligent Solar Sensing (ISS) technology and are offered in different capacities ranging from 1 KVA to 25 KVA.

Salient Features

  • Industrial grade bi-directional Inverter
  • Integrated PV Charger Controller.
  • Rated for continuous operation at full load.
  • Programmable battery management parameters.
  • Solar priority charging.
  • Integrated KWh logger (Optional).
  • Dusk Dawn operation selection (Optional).
  • Intelligent Solar Sensing ISS provided (Optional).
  • Grid charging ON/OFF facility provided.
  • Automatic re-start after over load triggered shutdown.
  • The inverter section of the PCU has high conversion efficiency from 25% load to the full rated load. The conversion efficiency at 25% load is not less than 80% of that at full rated load. The effici ency of the inverter is more than 85% at full load.
  • The output voltage of the inverter is sinusoidal with harmonic distortion less than 3%THD.
  • Highly protected against faults and overloading.

Technical Specification of PCU

S.No     Type Technical specification
1 Switching Elements IGBT for above 3KVA and MOSFET for 3KVA and below.
2 Type of Charger Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT).
3 Range of Input from PV Depend on System Battery Voltage 
4 Output Voltage Rating Single Phase 220V
5 Protections Short  Circuit,  Deep  Discharge,  Input  Surge  Voltage,  Over Current, Array, Battery Reverse Polarity
6 Dielectric strength 1.1    KV    between    input/output    and    ground    with    EMI protections removed.
7 Cooling Forced with temperature sensitive fan operation
8 Ambient temperature 50 degrees Celsius (Max)
9 Operating Humidity 95% maximum
10 Assembly/mounting As per normal industrial practice
11 Finish Epoxy Power Coating

The Grid-connected Battery Back-up Single Power Conditioning Unit converts the DC power available from a Solar PV array to 1Phase AC which can be supplied to a dedicated load. The inverter automatically Tracks the PV Array (MPPT) and ensures that the maximum possible energy available from the PV arrays is utilized.

Display Parameters: Indications Protections
Charging Current Array on Short circuit
Charging Voltage MPPT Charger ON Over load
Output Voltage Battery Connected, Charging Over temperature
Output Voltage Load on Solar/ Battery Over voltage
Voltage of the SPV Panels Grid Charger ON Battery, PV reverse polarity
Grid Voltage Load on Grid Battery deep discharge protection
Inverter Loading in % Grid ON Input surge protection
Output Frequency    

The PCU's of Novus are completely provided with protection equipment that includes the above protection schemes.